What is a DEXA scan?

The HOLOGIC DEXA scan is the industry gold standard of body composition and analysis.

The 3-minute medical imaging scan can see inside your body to assess body composition, including bone mineral density, lean tissue, and fat mass, producing a detailed analytical report.

Helps you set realistic fitness and health goalsA DEXA scan provides detailed body composition analysis, including fat distribution, muscle mass, and bone density, aiding in setting precise and realistic fitness and health goals.

Indicate increased risk of disease
The data analysis can indicate the risk of disease by revealing high levels of visceral fat that’s associated with increased risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Strategize your training and nutritional programme
Aligning the data with training and nutritional strategies, and health needs, areas of concern are then optimized into realizing specific goals.

What is a PHY scan?

A 1-minute PHY 3D volumetric camera scan, maps and measures the kinetic chain and identifies musculoskeletal (MSK) imbalances, identifying underlying vulnerabilities to address the problem at the source.

Identify the true cause of MSK Pain
Phy Health’s system evaluates the body’s musculoskeletal (MSK) health, identifying potential reasons for pain, injury, and diminished performance.
Recommended SolutionsAIgorithms recommend exercises which the user will perform over an 8-week period before returning for a follow-up scan.

Proven Results


of users experience a significant reduction in pain in 2 weeks or less


of users experience a significant reduction in pain in 8 weeks or less